Adagio (Book One of the Muse series)

Adagio (Book One of the Muse series)

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Zaide Williams By zaidewilliams Updated Aug 08, 2017

" . . . Hendry looked up from her papers, removed her reading glasses, and--I can't lie and say I didn't think she did it--looked directly at me. With centuries-old poetry flowing in a haunting wave from her lips, she stared once again into my eyes, her own deepening until they were the darkest blue, almost violet, and so bright it was as if they were on fire from within. I couldn't look away. Sure, OK, perhaps I was hallucinating the whole thing, but even so, I COULD NOT rip my focus from hers. She had me."


Roan and Elma--one a Victorian-age vampire, one a modern-day musician and recluse, both struggling with identity, fear, and the intensity of love.

Roan is a vampire in 19th-century London, tormented by his love for a woman he cannot, and must not, have. Elma is a modern-day classical pianist who lives and loves cautiously, but whose orderly life will be put into a dangerous tailspin by enigmatic Professor Tristan Hendry--a woman of style, reputation and mystery.

These two heroes are on a journey to discover who they are and the role they must play in the world around them. It is a song of music, magic and the unyielding power of love. Watch as they learn the tune.

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