Marrying The Alpha (Under Editing)

Marrying The Alpha (Under Editing)

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NinaMarie (Tibs13) By NinaMarie13 Updated Jun 23, 2016


Sarah Bratcher is engaged to the most wanted guy in high school. She loves him. And everything is going smoothly after the whole Jane incident. Until a mysterious boy named Austin comes to town. There's just something about him that intrigues Sarah. And what about her brother Michael? What's he hiding? And his fiancee? Is she who Sarah thought she was? And then there's Nathan and Lilly. What's Nathan hiding that could tear him and Lilly apart? And then there's Leslie, who's just trying to live a normal life, so why does she find herself staring at Michael, Sarah's brother of all people? And then last but not least, Lance Stevenson. What's his deal with the new kid Austin? Why is he trying so hard to keep him from his fiancee Sarah? After all our jerk does still have secrets..... So could it have anything to do with why Nick and Claire have shown up to ask for Lance's help?

Questions that can only be answered through Sarah's eyes, this story will make you laugh, cry, and leave you wanting more because yes, it's THAT kind of story.
Read to find out!!!!!

**SINCE THE FIRST STORY IS BEING REWRITTEN, THIS IS INDEFINITELY ON HOLD. I hope to make the first story even better than it's original so that I can tie up loose ends and then we will see about this sequel. I'm not definite that the original will need a sequel but since this has already been posted, I do have an idea in mind. Hopefully the other book will tie up nicely and I can continue with my idea for this.

NinaMarie13 NinaMarie13 Jul 25, 2013
@HispanicRomance @mslayne This book isn't completed. I'm stull uploading it.
                              @katelyn6431 The proposal is being rewritten, so it should be in the rewrite of Meeting The Alpha.
MaruchiMarie MaruchiMarie Oct 17, 2012
Hey I read the first book and fell in love with the story line just wondering is tis book finished or does it need to upload again and if it does I hope you can upload soon because I really want to read the book when its fully completed
katelyn6431 katelyn6431 Sep 16, 2012
i wish their would have been more details about the proposal in this book but other than that good chaper!
NinaMarie13 NinaMarie13 Feb 08, 2012
@RachaelRose It is. I have used the name before. But thank you. I will fix it.
RachaelRose RachaelRose Jan 22, 2012
I thought sarahs brothers name was micheal? Not david? I literally just finished reading the first story
Cherrydrop172 Cherrydrop172 Oct 29, 2011
I liturally just finished reading the first story i'm The new girl and then immediantly read this i think you are soo amazing and a true insperation. x