The Power Of Love

The Power Of Love

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Addie is a spirited girl but happily settled down into a relationship with Zach, her doting boyfriend. They're more than lovers: they're best friends, too, and that's what makes their relationship so perfect. Then Eliza arrives: a manipulative girl with enough power and beauty to destroy a seemingly perfect relationship. 

Zoe used to be a spirited girl but was shocked into changing when she's trapped in a fire, suffering from serious burns all over her body. Moving to Oregon, she hopes for a fresh start and to escape her dark past. Then Scott arrives: a quiet author who's intrigued by her secrets and strives to get beneath the guard that Zoe puts up in order to protect herself.

Two very different relationships, showing how love has the power to conquer all, yet destroy all, too.


[some mature content]

Car_Savage Car_Savage Oct 13, 2016
Can I just say that I got excited when I read the description because Zoe moves to Oregon? No one ever, and I mean ever, writes about my home state😂😂
TaintedWonders TaintedWonders Mar 25, 2016
Addie's name  reminds me of Addison from Private Practice and Greys Anatomy 😂
NamelessJa NamelessJa Feb 05
Their relationship is too good I really don't want them to end
xomoonlightbae xomoonlightbae Jun 19, 2015
Prequels ftw! Just finished "Power of Attraction" which I absolutely loved even though they didn't end up together. Can't wait to read more about Zach and Addie! :D
_jmarieily _jmarieily Mar 24, 2015
Great start , very cute couple . Can't wait for what's next .
blessie_xoxo blessie_xoxo Feb 19, 2015
@tessa-x which book should I read this or the other book first. because I dont no what a prequel means