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A Forbidden Love ( Michael Jackson Fan Fic)

A Forbidden Love ( Michael Jackson Fan Fic)

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SheMichaelJacksonBad By SheMichaelJacksonBad Completed

All Ariel's life she was taught that blacks and whites are not the same that whites were better than blacks. Ariel never paid to much attention to the way things were between the two races until she met Michael. Ariel's life changes after she meets Michael. Love is torn, people are hurt and relationships are broken through the fight of equality. 

This story takes place around the 50s-60s. I hope you all understand the way thing were back then and won't get offended by any type of racial slur used. I am not racist at all. Ariel kind of represents me I guess not that I've been in love but that if someone loves someone of the separate race they should be aloud to be with them. I hope you guys are as excited as I am about this story. I'm going to do some more research about the civil rights movements and about how things were back then before i start writing also. Love you guys! Hope you like it:)

19Moonwalker58 19Moonwalker58 Dec 23, 2016
I love this story so much that I am reading it a second time, I first read this in August
lexy1994xd lexy1994xd Sep 01, 2016
I'm black with a white boyfriend and his mother hates me because I'm black, she tried to break us up since we got together and had always failed.
CrimanllyInsane CrimanllyInsane May 23, 2016
What an interesting idea! Im so excited to read this, it's very original and such a bold topic to adress.
mikesdynamite mikesdynamite Oct 06, 2016
This is a very bold and topic to address! I can't wait to read this, I'm sure it'll be great :)
DejaSlaughter DejaSlaughter May 30, 2016
Damn, haven't even began reading the story and it's already good.
MJKaty103101 MJKaty103101 Apr 01, 2016
I'm calling everyone to support me on my Michael Jackson fanfic story. He's a vampire and I want all of you go read it so far.