Borrowed [Watty Awards Finalist]

Borrowed [Watty Awards Finalist]

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Jillian By Jilleigh Completed


Irissa is about to turn seventeen and her only birthday wish is to have the right to choose her own path in life, but there are those who want to choose for her. In a nation controlled by one man, all freedoms are jeopardized. One scientific corporation has too much control. PURE Industries has launched the Borrowed law. Teenage girls, who have just turned of age, will be submitted into the selection process. Irissa is one of them, and if she becomes a Borrowed, her life will change forever. What happens when a girl is forced in becoming a surrogate to a child she would never claim as her own? Join Irissa on her journey in discovering who the Borrowers are, what it is to become Borrowed and why the nation is obsessed with perfection. 

Can Irissa choose her own fate after all?

I_Read_At_Midnight I_Read_At_Midnight Jun 02, 2016
It's scary to think that's only 4 years away. I mean I'm going to be 16 so if this borrower thing were to come true. I might have to become a surrogate. Which is scary to think about. Someone could change the whole world by making one stupid mistake.😁 I'm freaking myself out now
KAMengAuthor KAMengAuthor Jan 01, 2015
Baby making girls. Prologue gives you an idea of how the story will go. Great job.
Jilleigh Jilleigh Nov 14, 2012
@SarahCadence I promise the plot is original! :) I hope you enjoy the rest of the novel. Thank you. :)
Theworld455 Theworld455 Oct 15, 2012
I loved it and I think you should create a even more intimate love triangle
Loveology1 Loveology1 Jul 27, 2012
@Jilleigh That's okay. I got sick of StoryWrite and got off, but I really love it! I can't wait for the sequel!
Jilleigh Jilleigh Jul 27, 2012
@Loveology1 Did you? That's awesome! lol. I didn't post the last chapters on SW. But its all here. I just started the sequel 'Cherished' yesterday. Thanks for reading!