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LockeColeFF By LockeColeFF Updated Feb 12, 2011

Fire, Water, Earth, and Wind..., a fifth element has been discovered.

Leon Cidney, a renowned scholar, has perfected a process of infusing the power of an element into a human soul.  But he has just strayed upon the discovery of a fifth element, one he and his fellow researchers call "Purity".  A power without comparison, a power without equal.

Yet he does not know the truth of what he does...and the truth of the first and only successful Purity melding.

WhiteSeal WhiteSeal Apr 14, 2011
I JUST REALIZED! Sonata is a type of music technique that originated in the Classical Period of piano and was brought back in Contemporary. Alright, I'll shut up now! :D
kenshima15 kenshima15 Feb 12, 2011
You did good...but u need to avoid repeating the same words....if you have to, try using synonyms .....over all this book is awesome!