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Olicity: The Heart of The Matter (1st in the Series)

Olicity: The Heart of The Matter (1st in the Series)

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fourchickies By fourchickies Completed

It was just another night at the Arrow Cave. Almost... Slade vowed to carry out his vendetta on the man he hates. This means hurting the people Oliver Queen aka the Arrow cares about. Including Felicity Smoak. Meanwhile, Oliver discovers something... Felicity has a secret. A painful one. As days go by he sees glimpses of her past...and a life before that he never expected. When Slade threatens the women closest to him, who will Oliver choose to save? Laurel or Felicity? Whom does he truly love?

 ***** Author's note: I try to parallel the Arrow series plot as closely as possible, but none of the characters are mine, obviously, except for Nevin. And no copyright infringement is intended. READ BEFORE the sequel SOMETHING BETTER.

alessatl alessatl Nov 22, 2015
Hi I'm from te future and yeah Oliver has almost proposed to her
nyan_japan nyan_japan Jan 12, 2015
I didn't watch every single episode  but didn't they date at one point?
Ava_Wayne Ava_Wayne Jan 06, 2015
Finally getting around to reading this! Can't wait to see where it goes, and for the record, I am totally an Olicity fan :)
                              I like Laurel less and less the more the show goes on, and can't say I'd be disappointed if she just vanished. Anyway, can't wait to read this story!
locooverbooks locooverbooks Oct 09, 2014
We have the same sentiments regarding this show.but I ACCIDENTALLY changed channels,,,I saw,,well let's just say .Im a big fan now if Olicity..thanks for creating this story..
beIIamy beIIamy Jun 08, 2014
this is exactly what im waiting for, i will die of happiness if theres a wedding omg
annkara_ annkara_ Feb 02, 2014
Omg you are just like me on olicity I mean seriously they are meant to be