Wicked, Wild, Wonderful

Wicked, Wild, Wonderful

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"This is something even angels would cry for."

The worst thing about The Riverside Dance Academy was the fact that Naomi Morgan was the only black dancer in sight. But, Naomi considered the alienation a small price to pay for the level of training she was receiving. To her, it was worth it, and much like the Dance Academy, the rest of Naomi's Riverside life was full of consequential trade-offs. A wealthy family in exchange for a caring one. A rigid schedule in exchange for a breathable one. A haunting best friend in exchange for a living one. However, this upcoming summer, the barter will become an impossible price to pay.

In order to get to her end goal, the N.Y.C. ballet company, Naomi Morgan will need to trade everything. Injuries, family lies, and even her own sanity must take a backseat as the National Prix de Ballet Competition comes to Riverside. If she succeeds, N.Y.C. may become her reality but if she fails, everything she has traded-off will ricochet back to her all at once.

However, when The Guise, an internet-famous gang of delinquents, makes Riverside their newest target for retribution, Naomi will come to realize that her life in Riverside hasn't been full of pricey trades, it's been free all this time; as long as she's willing to take what she wants.


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Lol I'd have left as soon as he said he don't train beginners
Tasha055 Tasha055 Oct 13
I don't know what a foutte is soo....you can find me at the nearest KFC
Ashia234 Ashia234 Oct 02
He not going to have any dancers left. Then again I understand why he is doing it.
maybemarvel maybemarvel Sep 15
YES! I absolutely loved it. So structured and just ugh, perfect.
plut0n1nia plut0n1nia Oct 15
I can only empathize with Mr. Carson.... gotta toughen them up early or they'd crash. It's harsh but necessary
Omg this is one of the first books I've seen written by a guy! I'm so excited! 
                              Also, the amount of dedication you've described is honestly amazing...when I try to write something, I loose interest in a couple of months! Hopefully I'll get to your level! Good luck!