Percy Jackson~Omega's Secret Life

Percy Jackson~Omega's Secret Life

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Natalia S. A. Peterson By CSP2708 Completed

Percy Jackson Fanfiction (Books)
Omega was anything but a normal boy. He born in Ancient Greece, long before the gods. But then how did he suddenly end up in Percy Jackson's modern life? Is he immortal? Or did he become lost in time...?

Read to find out!
Counterpart to Daughter of Chaos

Must have read Percy Jackson and the Olympians series to understand this story.

Natalia S. A. Peterson

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levesqueen levesqueen Sep 17, 2015
I hate to have to be the one to give the history lesson here, but most tribes would actually use young children (infants to around ten years old) as sacrifices to their gods. As well as young women and elderly.
levesqueen levesqueen Sep 17, 2015
Omega as in... The human 2.0? *snickers at Maximum Ride refernce*
dusk_of_day dusk_of_day Jan 28, 2015
This is really good! It's so original! I love it! ;) Please continue it!
ChildOfGreece ChildOfGreece Jul 01, 2014
didn't Achilles's mom dip him when he was young ( no offense intended)
rosxpxtals rosxpxtals Jun 20, 2014
@CSP2708 ok it's Fenrir, I think he was like a really powerful werwolf or something. Like the king of them I think....