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The Dumb Inheritance Cycle by Pastopher Chriolini

The Dumb Inheritance Cycle by Pastopher Chriolini

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Jacquel Chrissy May By JacquelChrissyMay Updated Feb 04, 2011

Lovers and haters of "The Inheritance Cycle" unite! We are presenting to you a unique, all-in-one spoof of "The Inheritance Saga", which is kind of insane, because it was originally supposed to be a trilogy. When a simple farm boy named Eringard stumbles upon a dragon egg in his backyard in the crappy town of Car-in-the-Hall, he has no idea that he is part of a story that was 10,000 years in the making. Now with his dragon Zapeera, Blaz the Storyteller, Oryan the elf, and a mysterious stranger named Mortand, Eringard must confront the evil king Gullibletron and end his 10,000-year reign of terror! Be forewarned, for once you start reading this story; you can’t stop until the story’s done!

Silverleaf1 Silverleaf1 Jun 12, 2015
I know a lot of people hate on the Inheritance Cycle, but honestly, if you hate it, you should keep that to yourself and not publicly mock the Inheritance Cycle. I don't find it funny or interesting in any way.
guatsername guatsername Aug 29, 2013
Inheritance Cycle is great! If you people don't like the book then keep it to yourselves
45twilight3 45twilight3 Apr 02, 2013
@Lizzfizzwizz1 CP stole Georges Lucas's plot and lotr's theme
ChocoholicMoony ChocoholicMoony Jan 20, 2012
okay, u r disrespecting the Inheritance Cycle with this book, u shuld be ashamed of urself for even riting this. i shall never read it again, cuz i cannot believe how stupid the book is. u shuld delete this story, and just dont rite it nemore!
kakashisdaughter kakashisdaughter Nov 12, 2011
But... I must admit... It's funny and good. Please keep writing.