Someone Will Die

Someone Will Die

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Just guys being dudes By Poindexter Updated Jul 18

Civil war, magic, and monsters have split America right down the middle.  East America lives an almost utopia after integrating Magicks into their society while West America drowns with strife and internal struggle. 

The students of Evenfast University, however, live almost excluded from the trouble. A four-year reprieve from an over-protective society and joining the First or Second Army is as much as any young adult could wish for, and other than student gossip and drama, they live in relative peace. 

That is until Meredith Steele, a popular and influential student is murdered on campus and no one can explain how she died or what killed her. When the Second Army's military police become involved, eyes turn to Professor Ashley Markell and his elusive study group.  Soon dark secrets come to light, as well as daring attachments and years of schemes. When everyone has blood on their hands, when everyone had something and someone to hide, it's hard to find a murderer. 

Especially when they might not be human. 

Cover by LadyofthePond