A little ray of expectation

A little ray of expectation

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Sophie clark By Emmawatson-fan Updated 2 days ago

Angeisia Stevens is a girl whose mood can swing from anger to sadness to annoyance to nothing. This is what everyone calls as bi-polar issues, but she haven't got that particular disorder. 

As nobody wants a crazy friend, she keeps everything to herself. But what will she do if she is kidnapped in not a kind manner and thus, interrupting her future plans about travelling? And by whom, can you guess? The answer will be unbelievable.

University is where people dream of spending their free time gossiping and walking around but what if there is big halloween event to plan and a promising start of a very different year? Won't it result in an explosion?

Do you have enough lemon juice or do you need more to quench your thirst?

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I'm loving this! It's so mysterious and I'm really easily caught up in the action......I love it! Keep surprising us with mysterious chapters, I love this!
Well, not exactly. Those adorable creature seem to have a mind of their own no matter how much you do.
Lord! One hell of a longgg chapter. But yeah it was nice to read I liked the descriptive nature of your book.
Lol. I laughed thinking it was the puppy that brought back the paper. Ah!
Don't be shy to use comma. You can use it as often as it's required. Not after every word, obviously, but when it's absolutely important. For example, when the sentence is becoming too long, use comma
True. True. But it's the positives and negatives that makes life, life. Sadly.