A Little Ray of Expectation

A Little Ray of Expectation

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Shaily Kumar By Emmawatson-fan Updated May 15

◾"Sometimes the bravest can fall, even the wisest can go blind, and the smallest can dream big." - Vincenzo Rossi.

◾ "Glory and pride is found not in halls where the kings hold their sceptre to show their power; glory is found in the tombs of those who had sacrificed their sceptre to protect their subjects." - Geulia Marino.


"The world is fading - stop it from its doomed fate or leave it to be faded forever."

Ready to find a proof as to the existence of an another scientific world?


Ready to (forcefully) go on an adventure where three stages of a life is depicted?


Ready to keep knowing that you're going to die?



A person with companions dreaming of their own benefits joins the infusion of a scientific and historic world, where undiscovered creatures roar upon them and great minds think alike, but also when the hour of 'their' world's end draw nigh.

Myth, History, Science: What is the difference here? 

Many have answers without a solid proof - many with ones which have a proof but do not gain attention. Will this book be like those unheard answers too?

But remember, Myth is not always false, History is not always dead, Science is not always right.

"Humans' worst incarnation of lies gains its stronghold on this world. Defeat is upon every mind which scurries towards them silently. 'Grab this spider of defeat, or leave it for yourself to be faded forever'."

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