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KiKi By xUndercover_Angelx Updated May 30, 2015

"I, Rebecca Angelique Steam rejects you, Saxon Dameion Legend", I said proudly to my mate.

 Unexpectedly, Saxon furiously got out of his chair and threw the desk to the side. His eyes was pure black and that's when I knew that he totally lost it. He cornered me against the nearby wall with both him and I face to face.

 "Who's your beloved?" He growled angrily but quite huskily in my ear.

His hands slithered around my waist and he nibbled my ear. I held back all the pleasure I started to feel and shut my eyes tightly.

"Who's your beloved?" He growled again but this time kissed me along my neck and give me a hickie.  

"asdfghjjghjlkf", I stumbled trying to get my words out of my mouth.

 "Who's your beloved", he growled with more rage one last time and that's when I gived up.

  "You are Saxon. You are", I said loud enough for he can hear me.

 He suddenly loosed me and took a few steps away from me. 

"Don't you ever f**king say that again You hear me", he shouted at me.

"Yes Saxon", I said looking at him straight in the eye.

 Rebecca Steam is the first born of the Alpha of the True Blood Pack. She is a badass, self centered, stubborn girl that doesn't want a mate anytime soon. On the other hand, Saxon Legend, Alpha of the Wild Howlers Pack is a breath taking, hot, sexy, and definately attractive guy there is. He's quite a trouble maker and gets all the girls he pleased. What happens when Rebecca rejects Saxon, her possessive mate!?!?!

This surely would be a hell of a ride....

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Foutzchild Foutzchild Apr 11
Wow, he actually looks decent. Compared to what my friends think is hot
animekitten554 animekitten554 Oct 04, 2017
She's just like me, but im more of the "say something bad about me and say good bye to ur little jr" for the boys and "piss me off one more time and i can promise u that u will be seeing ur new face very soon" for the girls
Omg......Its FRANSCISCO......EEEEKKKKKKK😍😍😍😱😱😱
*looks at picture....* *sigh* *drool😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍*
xkatxlinx xkatxlinx Nov 26, 2016
I just got Heart Burn from looking at him like seriously people my heart is burning of how hot he is.......
-sighsyd -sighsyd Jan 09, 2016
Francisco my mothafvckin baeee!!
                              I'm sad!! Cuz he's not MY mate!!