We Met In A Dumpster [Larry Stylinson] Completed

We Met In A Dumpster [Larry Stylinson] Completed

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Jayde By Bab3yBlu3Eyes Completed

Both bullied for being different. Harry for being smart and Louis for enjoying the arts. But what happens one day when they're both thrown in the same dumpster?

Will they become friends and fight off their bullies or will they continue their separate ways dealing with things alone?

Read on to find out more!

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*Sees sexual scenes*
                              *Sees selfharm and bullying*
                              *Starts crying*
Big red bus. 
                              I like how everyone commented only on the "juicy apple" part😂😂😂
Irlose94 Irlose94 Sep 21
If anyone needs to talk you can Dm me at any time. You're all too beautiful for this
U know, I honestly don't know y any1 would want 2 hurt themselves or some1 else.  But just cuz I don't understand doesn't mean I won't read it.
MukexHoran MukexHoran Aug 23
@ zayn in this book Fight me mother dicker, you don't tell people that and it's here asshat