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We Met In A Dumpster [Larry Stylinson] Completed

We Met In A Dumpster [Larry Stylinson] Completed

203K Reads 10.8K Votes 23 Part Story
Jayde By Bab3yBlu3Eyes Completed

Both bullied for being different. Harry for being smart and Louis for enjoying the arts. But what happens one day when they're both thrown in the same dumpster?

Will they become friends and fight off their bullies or will they continue their separate ways dealing with things alone?

Read on to find out more!

I'm not sure but I think it's been 4 months it's been hard though
TinyAkahana TinyAkahana Oct 24, 2016
*Sees sexual scenes*
                              *Sees selfharm and bullying*
                              *Starts crying*
larrylovers2010 larrylovers2010 Dec 29, 2016
sexual scenes, explicited language
                              *happy face*
                              bullying and scenes of selfharm.
                              *sad face*
If they give u a new pill then you I'll buy it, if they say to kill yourself then you will try it. All the makeup in the world will make you less insecure........ Your favorite candy's cotten, that's why all your teeth r rotten 
                              ^ that is the only thing I thought of
1D_lova_foreva 1D_lova_foreva Sep 13, 2016
Big red bus. 
                              I like how everyone commented only on the "juicy apple" part😂😂😂
larrylovers2010 larrylovers2010 Dec 29, 2016
1 week clean i'm trying to stop until i've had my surgery bc it's gonna be on my leg and i don't want anyone to find out