The Fosters (a spanking story)

The Fosters (a spanking story)

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softballplayer4 By softballplayer4 Updated Mar 21, 2014

I want to start by saying I own none of these characters and their storylines. The only thing I make up and own is the spanking scenarios. This all belongs to ABC Family. I'm just a fan that enjoys the show. I add some of my own opinions to the story but it will be close to the real thing. This takes place after the wedding and adoption. So with that being said lets get on to the story. 😄

The characters are as follows: 

Callie Jacob- She is a very guarded girl but once you break through her shell, she is sweet. She has endured many tragic events that no child should experience. She is the biological sister of Jude but is considered a part of the Foster's family. 

Jude Jacob- He is a sweet, little boy that trusts many people. He seeks the positive in every situation and puts his whole heart into everything he does. There is no better friend to have then Jude. He looks up to Callie and will become best friends with Brandon. 

Stef Foster- She is Lena's parter and wife. She is a mothe...

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featheredoutlaw featheredoutlaw Apr 06, 2017
I love this story I feel like callie will be in the most trouble but this is amazing
monkeyfan27 monkeyfan27 Jan 05, 2014
You should definitely continue this story!!! It already sounds so good and I will read it!!!! Yes it is good and please continue!!!! Can't wait to see what happens first!!!!! :)