Love at first site.(girlxgirl) (student teacher relationship)

Love at first site.(girlxgirl) (student teacher relationship)

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Have you ever fallen for a Teacher?

Well its Jayde Jones first day at Panthera University and all she wants to do is focus on her studies and her sports, but one look at her new teacher makes her know that this is the person she wants to spend the rest of her life with

Its Kaia Robertson 2nd year of teaching at Panthera University but things are going to change for her dramatically after she sees Jayde whom she also thinks is the one for her.

Are they a match made in heaven or will problems follow them everywhere they go.

Good luck with that!  I say it every semester and end up crushing on my new friends and get C's and b's because I day dream 😬😂😇
Yes! There's finally someone else with the same spelling! Rachael ;3
ChinMing07 ChinMing07 Oct 14, 2016
😂😂 I'm sorry so temperamental only to get it wrong too
SoaringZStars SoaringZStars Dec 01, 2016
Dang it, she's legal age. I like the thrill of how illegal it is when they're not over 18. Even tho it's still illegal just not the age lol
blackwings19 blackwings19 Jul 24, 2014
I have a friend in y little circle we call each other twinzie cause we think alike
Jazzhands2008 Jazzhands2008 Apr 07, 2014
it would be a bit easier if you would quote actual conversations from thoughts, but overall a good beginning. :)