Take Heart

Take Heart

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Karin Winter By inkwellheart Completed

Emelie wanders the streets at night, searching for victims. Her hands smell of blood and her conscience weighs heavy. And yet, night after night, she continues her murderous hunt.

The other servants whisper about her. Rumors have been flying. However, the gossip revolves around, not her atrocious deeds, but rather her employer--the celebrated doctor, Victor Godwin. A widower and the father of a sickly little boy, Mr. Godwin has shown a special interest in Emelie. He has taken her on as his assistant, causing wild speculations about their relationship.

Little do the gossipers know that the two have set out to achieve the impossible--replace his dying son's heart. Emelie has been tasked with obtaining a replacement that the boy's body will not reject. But every attempt has failed, and their time is running out.

As the two grow closer with each night they spend in his laboratory, Emelie must fight against Mr. Godwin's innocent advances. Her pity for the little boy and admiration of the doctor's genius cannot overshadow the truth of her past.  Determined to give Mr. Godwin's son a second chance at life, Emelie is willing to sacrifice her time, her morals, and even her heart.

"Jack the Ripper, yet mixed with Frankenstein."--JEHallows

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