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What Lies Beneath (Sherlock (BBC) Fan-Fiction)

What Lies Beneath (Sherlock (BBC) Fan-Fiction)

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Mel Berisack-Howell By PunkRock_LifeStyle Completed

Meet Winter Watson, niece to the famous blogger John Watson. Winter travels from America, to London, to attend University, and stay with her uncle John. Just as long as she doesn't bother Sherlock. But the moment she arrives at 221B Baker Street, Sherlock can't help but take notice to Winter. Although most people find it strange, Winter quickly becomes fascinated by what Sherlock's mind can do. She learns a lot form simply watching Sherlock run about, solving cases, and saving lives. But when Sherlock suspects that Moriarty has returned, Sherlock begins to lock himself away as he becomes consumed by Moriaty's plans, and how to stop them. Then when some Uni bullies, who our also henchmen of Moriarty,  catch Winter in an alleyway, and begin to beat and threaten her, but are caught by the one and only Sherlock Holmes. John soon begins to notice, and believe that Sherlock has begun to care for Winter, more deeply then he has cared for anyone ever. Can Winter break down Sherlock's walls? Or is it all some big scheme of Moriarty's? (Completed)

This probably represents half the people on this website including me. Lol
Really you died your hair black and that's the song you're going with
Me in Maths class learning about patterns: "What a pretty pattern i can make with bullets"
                              Just call him John.
                              (Though gotta admit I always put uncle before my uncles names so)
NotURAverageFangurl NotURAverageFangurl Nov 04, 2016
Shooting a gun releases the same chemical as a passionate kiss in your brain. So shelock is just sexually frustrated.
SamBookLove SamBookLove Oct 12, 2016
Even I can read her, not much but he could have at least known she doesn't like being in the centre of attention