Desired {Watty Awards 2012}

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Jenna By BrokenWingAngel Completed
The storm brought them here. The people were different. The water stretched on for miles. The Island they never heard of, it was something they never expected. To be here, to be told they would never go home. Alexis was young yet, only the age of nineteen and still finding herself. Drew was mysterious and quiet, only a bit older twenty two to be exact. They had only traveled out on the boat to get away from everything, it was only supposed to be a day trip. A day that would last a lifetime.
Good works :) it makes me remember the Leonardo Di Caprio's film Shutter Island. :D  nice one  =)
Enjoyed story very much. It could have a true story about a group of teenagers and their adventures. The ending was so creative I don' t think anyone could have predicted anything like that. Keep writing.
Amazing detail. Very professional! It's all real and really nicely written! I want to congratulate you on the correct use of "Your" Vs. "You're" because not many people understand that difference, and it's one of my pet peeves as a writer!!! :D
Love love lovin' it!! Keep up the good work, I'll be back for more!! :p :)
you have a FEW errors. watch out for those. however, your descriptions are incredibly vivid. loved your description of the women's hair especially. i dont know why the word 'cascade' just has this effect on me.. :P anyway great job :) xx
noticed that you wrote "lightening" mistake maybe? :D sorry for being a spelling nazi (if there is such a thing) just trying to help :) anyways your descriptions are superb, it makes me feel that i'm watching a movie! good job!