The Mute She-Wolf

The Mute She-Wolf

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Kyra Idris By bored_um_not13 Updated Feb 21, 2015

"Hey? How come you don't talk much?" He said, his lips catching at the edge in a care free smile. 
I glance away as the breeze moves my hair ever so softly. At the same time catching a glimpse of the breath taking view, the deep evergreen forest glowing brightly in all of its natural glory. Just watching the tree's sway back and forth, brought fourth something deep within. The world and its inhabitants seem to connect while life continued on.......the one thing I truly loved.    
 I tune back in with myself, grimacing at the question he asked, an internal battle blazing within. Should I just tell him? Or maybe I should show him? I flash a quick peek to see him visibly tense, that amazing care free smile gone and replaced with a blank stare of pure concern. Knowing my decision needed to be made carefully. I took a deep breath as he stared deep into my eyes, reading them.  His eyes soften while he raised his strong yet lean hand up to my check, to rub his thumb in circles. Causing me to lean into his gentle touch. While also helping my body to start relaxing against him. 

"You can tell me." He said so quietly it could have been mistaken for a whisper. We both stare into each other's eyes for a while longer, me deciding which to do, finally coming to a decision. I pull away before gently bringing down the collar of my turtle neck. Next thing I know, I hear an ear splitting growl.  

****************************************************************************************************************************************     This story is about a girl named Cecelia, who is just an ordinary she-wolf that is loving and caring. She has fierce red hair and deep blue eyes but there's one thing that makes her different....She's Mute. She lost her ability to talk when she was little to a tragic incident. ........................if you wish to learn more about Cecelia read and find out. 

    Also there is to be no copyrighting of the book or you will be charged! Th

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Omg my names Cecelia, (i don't normally see my name spelled the 'right' way so that's why I'm SO EXCITED!!!!
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if you had the strength of a person being hit by a Mac truck then you would have like no strength because a Mac truck hit you.
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