Ice and Snow

Ice and Snow

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Vi Rodriguez By Vireen Completed

Aesha Camarell, typical school girl with two best buddies. Cole Rogenson, school heart throb andone of the most popular guys.

Aesha Camarell, has two younger twin siblings. Cole Rogenson  has one annoying big sister.

Aesha likes winter. Cole likes summer.

Aesha doesn't mind the cold. Cole loves the heat.

Aesha has extraordinary powers. Cole has extraordinary powers.

She's average. He's popular.

Both keep their powers secret.....

But what happens when one of them discovers the other's power?

A complete twists and turns of events in Ice and Snow.

  • cold
  • fire
  • frost
  • frozen
  • heat
  • hot
  • ice
  • love
  • opposites
  • powers
  • sister
Cary25715 Cary25715 Aug 06
Ikr! I was the exact same way till I found out the hard way...
gdkjoy gdkjoy Sep 04
You all basically told her to enjoy the moment and relax. It's not fair that you're blaming her like the situation was entirely her fault
Cary25715 Cary25715 Aug 06
Just reading this and I'm already interested. Can't wait to read chapter one
I can't see the photo of Aesha please someone explain to me who it is.
Waffles_Are_Delicous Waffles_Are_Delicous Oct 17, 2016
Oh god! When I was like 5-8 years old I didn't know the proper lyrics so I mad up my own version and I was terrible at singing but I thought that I was amazing back then! 😖
NightStriker13 NightStriker13 Aug 01, 2016
I live in Florida. What's cold? JK. But still last year the coldest it was was 50degrees Fahrenheit