Dear Death

Dear Death

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nataliepatrina By nataliepatrina Updated Jun 30, 2017

Zane was riding his ice dragon with him to go to his old home, he wanted to check to see if no one broke in.

As he opened the creaky old door, he went down the stairs, until a stair broke and he fell.

He even fell through the wooden floor, but surprisingly, as he got up there was a secret trap door and when he looked around, he saw a treasure box.

There was a lock on the chest, and he used his finger keys to open it.

As he opened it, there were so many papers but something caught his eye, a book

He grabbed the book out of the chest and he read the label " ABSOLUTELY DO NOT OPEN!!!!"

He looked at it once more, as his curiosity caught his eye, he finally realized he had to come back to the temple.

He flew his dragon back......

At the Temple

"Ahh-alright!!, who took my pudding cup, again?!" Jay yelled out as he looked around and heard giggling. He looked down and saw Cole finishing the rest of it. Jay growled and pulled the cup out of his hands.

" Hey!" Cole shouted, covered...

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I shall guess! Ummmm, some carzy ghost dude is dudette who dose not like Zane! Awesome story! TOMATO🍅