Can I hold your gun?

Can I hold your gun?

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Dream Big By Crazy-house Completed

(Warning!!!) BxB!! I have told you so don't say I didn't.

+Book 1+

Koray is a guy who has almost everything but doesn't show it off. The only family left is his best friend Sam and her family. He has a feisty mouth and like his name a lot.

Drake is one mean son of a gun. He can also use one vary well. His world is dark and he likes it that way. Leader of a gang and boss of his world.

Drake aka Dragon see's Koray for the first time when he and his gang are at the mall. Drakes gang is worried because their boss is getting colder by the day. So they decide to get him a present. That's when Koray's world does a complete 180. Drake finds that he likes the new boy he has and marks him his. What happens if Koray starts to like his new lifestyle?

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derpy101musumai derpy101musumai Jun 29, 2018
Well then looks like ur an uke type sir, with ur I'm gay and I love it attitude and feminine body, u r indeed a bottom bitch
Dubbies147 Dubbies147 Aug 13, 2018
I swear to god if he would have said that to any of my friends he would’ve been thrown
- - Sep 15, 2018
this is the 5 time i'v read this book this was the first book i read in wattpad ever this is my fav book ever then!
EchoBlavk EchoBlavk Dec 06, 2018
I dont want yo fatass comin' to my house no moe
                               DONT CALL ME FAT
                               -Wheezes ×2-  
                              Who else has seen this video and this sentence reminded them of it sksksks
EchoBlavk EchoBlavk Dec 07, 2018
Omgs why would you do that I could never sis I wish I had that confidence sksksksksks
Dubbies147 Dubbies147 Aug 13, 2018
Damn u are so blunt. If someone asked me that I’d be like .......what?