The Story of the Universe//COMPLETED

The Story of the Universe//COMPLETED

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Carly By carlyluttrell Completed

"If we were meant to last, then why didn't we?" I asked with a shaky voice. But I was proud, because I asked it. I asked the question I longed to know for years. 

"Because finding the one when you're young is always a recipe for disaster. And darling, it's the universe's favorite dish to serve." He looked at me blankly with his chin propped up on his thumb, his fingers covering his lips. 


Andrew is the sun, a hot head with a hidden past. He doesn't know who or what he wants, Jessica or Katie, so he keeps them both trapped in his gravity. His love only truly burns for one of them which he discovers along the way. 

Jessica is the earth, stuck in the sun's gravity. They used to be in love, but the sun pushed her away. However, he keeps her at a frustrating arms length away. She also has the moon revolving around her. 

Which leads us to Trenton, the moon. He used to be a player, but for the first time ever, he has settled for one girl. He showers her with love, and gives her all the gifts in the world. When you look up at the sky at night, you can see his gifts: the stars. 

Then there is Katie who is Mercury. Mercury is the closest planet to the sun, specifically the only one he seems to let in. But things are different between her and the sun this year. She's away at college at Yale, but Andrew's still stuck in a private school in Atlanta with no one to mask his feelings for Jessica behind. 

The story of the universe is a tragic thing filled with heart break, loss, and love. It will keep you on your toes, meanwhile pulling on your heart's strings. 

 Who will Andrew chose, Jessica or Mercury? But then again, who does Jessica chose, Andrew or Trenton?

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Tensukishi Tensukishi Aug 19, 2017
I really love the cosmic imagery that you brought up when describing your characters! Really ties in to the title.
kokoakabbage kokoakabbage Aug 30, 2017
I do that all the time. Like I haven't even got dress yet and I like "I just need to get my shoes "😂😂
chocolatesrock chocolatesrock Oct 25, 2017
Love love love!! 
                              I absolutely loved the first chapter. Though I thought it was too long and it included a lot of information. 
                              The end was perfect! <3
kokoakabbage kokoakabbage Aug 30, 2017
The next thing I knew? Or I saw, was him sliding into his car? Not sure might be nothing
SavanahVermont SavanahVermont Aug 13, 2017
this is gonna be hard considering I can nearly remember my own names at times
kokoakabbage kokoakabbage Aug 30, 2017
I really liked this. It's a great introduction and you POV changes that you mentioned make sense now. 💜💜 I'm so intrigued with what happened to Katie though