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Whiteeclipsee By Whiteeclipsee Updated Aug 10, 2015

"How far will you go for the one you love"?

Chresanto August is a one of a kind 21 year old who's been married to Brianna for 2 years now. Everything is all goody goody to began with. However, this happiness soon fades! One day, he completely snaps! Soon to suffer from schizophrenia! Dealing with her sex life and different interest,  Brianna has  to decide what is right for her and if she can still hold onto Chresanto. 
BTW: Schizophrenia is a mental disorder that makes it hard to: Tell the difference between what's real and what's not; think clearly; have normal emotional responses; act normally in social situations!

MissMindlessChika MissMindlessChika Nov 25, 2016
The book just started and I'm ALREADY done with that lightskin ass nigga
Ahhasonna1 Ahhasonna1 Apr 30, 2015
how many times have u been sober at all and cleaned the house?....none........oh....well that's none of my business
TeamTrendy TeamTrendy Apr 06, 2015
is you talking about when he almost tripped over a pen cause if it is that's not dying far far from it
TurntVibess TurntVibess Apr 05, 2015
I'm already ready to slap his ass and it's the first chapter
spongebob122 spongebob122 Apr 02, 2015
how can you get work up over a pen really that's messed up
Whiteeclipsee Whiteeclipsee Mar 15, 2014
@strvwberry I know they do. I'm sorry I didn't notice that I was putting it that way. Thanks for pointing that out.