Falling For Him

Falling For Him

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Adamina, younger sister of Victoria, is running from the Volturi. She can never stay in one spot thanks to Demetri always finding her. Luckily, she can teleport away and be safe for a couple of minutes or hours-enough time to feed. 
She hasn't seen Victoria since their coven was killed, they tried to run but everyone was caught except Victoria and Adamina, Heide lived because she joined the Volturi. Adamina is angry with the Volturi for killing her coven and older sister Anne. Their coven was attacked between late 1560s to early 1570s by the Volturi. Aro claimed they were drawing to much attention from mortals but in reality he wanted Heide. 

But after having so many close runs with the Volturi she decides to give up and go to Volterra and to the Volturi. 

(She goes to them in the year 1940)


I do not own twilight, the Volturi, or the Cullen's, Stephenie Meyers does.

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