The Vampire King (Mikayuu)

The Vampire King (Mikayuu)

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Airi . By msanimechan Updated Mar 17

In a land of terror, spirit, and lust, lives a beautiful, blonde king, also known as King of all demons. He's ruthless, powerful, and holds no sympathy for anyone. With the desire to rule the whole world, Mikaela must capture the Emerald jewel of demons hidden in the Kingdom of Emerald. 

The Emerald Kingdom is one of the most powerful kingdoms known to man kind. Taken over almost all of the east. Ruled by the powerful king and enemy of Mikaela, King Guren Ichinose vows to protect the powerful Emerald jewel hidden in his son's eyes, Prince Yuuchiro Ichinose. The subtle prince is next in the line for the throne after Guren and awaits his moments.

But what happens when the most powerful King, Mikaela, sets out on a quest to kidnap the hidden jewel of Emerald and ends up taking a certain green eyed prince with him? 

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