Stronger Than You Think

Stronger Than You Think

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Agent 27 By khadijiah1 Completed

This is the sequel to Too Strong (a Percy Jackson Fan Fic). If you haven't read that, I suggest that you do.

Instead of going against the gods this time, they will be going against each other. Camp Half Blood and Camp Jupiter have joined forces and plan on attacking and taking down Percy's camp.  In other news, guess who's in charge of the teams? You guessed it. Annabeth Chase and Percy Jackson.


xxWidoxx xxWidoxx Nov 26
Well my dear Annabeth. I got a question! Can you OUT SASS PERSASSY? NO I DIDN'T THINK SO!
mlm10101 mlm10101 Feb 27
:'( and percy is right to blame the gods for messing with his life.
misscambil misscambil Feb 10
Alright thanks for the information!
                              THEIR MAKING WAR AGAINST US!
                              Yup now fix it
Don't you really love Percy why can't you just so your differences and become a couple again I miss percabeth
rag100 rag100 Oct 11, 2015
Athena, you sure Annabeth is your kid and not an idiotic mortal kid?
obsessedmortal obsessedmortal Sep 24, 2015
Oh, Annabitch. Honey, they are gonna chrush you like a bug. And when I say they I mean Persassy Jackson. He's gonna chrush you like you did to his heart.