Obsessive | 망상적인 ✔

Obsessive | 망상적인 ✔

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hiatus By coffeelattae_ Updated Jun 17

He hug my side and we went to the door together.And how I wish I could just run away from the scene I'm seeing.I think,I dont really need to know how the jumpscare goes at the movie as now I think I'm living in it.There,lying lifeless infront of the door,Sungwoon.His blood oozing out from his stomach as he lean his body against the man infront of him who turns out the one who stabbed Sungwoon without any mercy.

His blood flows along the floor and to mine and Jimin's feet.Although I can't see Jimin's face right now but I know his expression is same as mine.

"Already in someone elses arm?Bad kitten"


"This is the only way to have you back by my side..."


And without hesitation,he slid the knife on her neck.


+ This is a story where romance is gone and jealousy takes control.


With the help of our beloved @_BangtanV_

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