He's My Alpha (First Book)

He's My Alpha (First Book)

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This is the first book of the three book series. The second book has been started so don't hesitate to read!!!!
  Alexandra is considered to be ugly, nerdy, weak and a "freak of nature" by her peers.  Alex is a late bloomer so she hasn't reached her full potential and as a third year transfer in the academy that makes her an easy target.  Day one she's humiliated and brutalized but for the first time someone stands up for her and that someone is her mate. But there's a problem He's the heir to be Alpha of the Shadow Lurkers Pack and also a third year in the academy. Many girls want him and are willing to fight for and even kill to be his Luna.   With her weak mentality and late arriving physical prowess will she be able to fight to stay with her mate or will she give up and fall flat?  
 Will the sneers and dirty looks from everyone in school get to her? She definitely hates the bad attention and wants to go back to being invisible.

  Will the spotlight change her or make get that much stronger?  And who will try to stand in her way?
  Will her Mate except her or decline?  
  Will her Mate except her extraordinary talent or reject her?
  This story contains some sexual content so read at your own risk. 
  Please don't hesitate to 


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