He's My Alpha (First Book)

He's My Alpha (First Book)

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First book of the three book series. The second book has been started don't hesitate to read!!!!

Alejandra is a loser, a nerd, and she's always told she's fat and unattractive, but one day she meets her mate...  But there's a problem he's an Alpha of the Shadow Lurkers Pack.  

Now she's getting sneers and dirty looks from everyone in school, she hates the bad attention and wants to go back to being asked to do everyone's homework but the day she meet her mates sister  and she tells her to sex it up she's hesitant.  When she gets the life make over no one can take their eyes off her.   

Will the spotlight change her or make get that much stronger?  And who will try to stand in her way?

Will her Mate except her or decline?  
Will her Mate except her extraordinary talent or reject her?

This story contains some sexual content so read at your own risk. 

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cagle44 cagle44 Jun 26, 2016
The proglue great!!!!!!!! But i bett the book Willis ne better!!!!!!# excited
cagle44 cagle44 Jun 26, 2016
The book is great But one thing if she saw just a blur then way would she say mate
sharmaineshamin sharmaineshamin Sep 04, 2015
first chapter im reading, make me kinda excited read next chapter hahaha
Kita1005 Kita1005 Jul 20, 2014
I hope your book have an happy ending cause I love happy ending