A Masked Love : Cryaotic x Reader

A Masked Love : Cryaotic x Reader

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ダニエラ By httpsdanii Completed

Welcome! To the most.. cheesiest love story with a twist turning sequel.. yeah.

-With the one and only, Cryaotic!

Oh boy, is this going to be a cheesy ass adventure. Good luck. Read at your own risk. I'm serious. (Disclaimer; this was written a while ago, so.. yeah! Prepare for shit writing, haha.) This story has gotten so much love and support over its time! So thank you! Enjoy. :)

In this cheesy love story, you'll experience many failed confessions between yourself and Cry. What're you guys gonna do about it? Well, all there's left is to be close as possible with each other until one of you realize when it's actually worth to say three simple words, three simple syllables, but with a not so simple meaning. 

- fanart is not mine! I do not own you or Cryaotic! 

- httpsdanii

JessiveeFan JessiveeFan Dec 30, 2016
Cry has stated before that he doesn't like people using his real name
mynx_the_shinx mynx_the_shinx Sep 27, 2016
For some reason this reminded me of that Sponge Bob episode "my I take your hat sir?"
RandomTaylor RandomTaylor Sep 29, 2016
Hey dude...
                              I fall in love with serial killers and fictional and game charecters...
                              Who would love me?
ImHid3r ImHid3r Dec 03, 2016
I get forced to read these cryaotic fanfics and in the first chapter you bring up food, Whyyyyy.... :'(
0Gamer0Girlz0Fun0 0Gamer0Girlz0Fun0 Oct 21, 2016
I would be friends with you. Only difference is I hide my face with a hoodie or my hands.
ok but imagine actually seeing someone sit down in a McDonald's, and in the middle of eating, scream "yum" at the top of their lungs