Susan's Plague

Susan's Plague

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Rick Chisholm By chavez243ca Completed

The future isn't friendly. People in Meta are dying from a mysterious disease and Sean wants to know why.  But in the Core, asking the wrong question can be dangerous. Pursuing the answers, Sean and his friends embark on a perilous journey that will put them on a collision course with the malevolent Niles Galvin, the most powerful and treacherous oligarch on the planet. Could Susan's Plague be something more sinister than they thought? Will they discover a much darker side to the oppressive oligarchy that rules them? Sean finds himself caught up in the complex machinations of an evil man bent on seizing and controlling the power of the past for his use to rule the present. With their lives hanging in the balance, Sean struggles to save himself and his friends when he realizes the truth has dire consequences.

By Rick Chisholm

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