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Bk 1: Just One Touch **Punk Michael Clifford FanFic**

Bk 1: Just One Touch **Punk Michael Clifford FanFic**

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♡ By Seeking_Sarah Updated Aug 23, 2015

"Who's that?"  I asked looking at the tall figure standing further in front of me.
 "Oh that's Michael..." Ashton replied looking at me, I kept my eyes on the guy with piercings and tattoos. 
"He's looks uh tough, better be careful he looks dangerous!" Ashton point out.  
"Yeah? Maybe you shouldn't judge on appearance!"   
Tara is an ordinary teenage girl, or so that's what everyone thinks... A story with a huge twist, but what? A superpower? A secret? What happens when she meets Michael? A dark and mysterious guy with tattoos and piercings?  Will he figure out the truth behind Tara? And live happily ever after?  Everyone has their secrets...
© copyright 2014 by @SWS_JC_5SOS_CRS

complicated_username complicated_username Jan 29, 2016
You know why it's called a crush?
                              Cause I'll crush her face if she gets in the way of my ship
CalciumTHood CalciumTHood Aug 21, 2016
Why are people allowed to wear makeup, hairdye, piercings to school and not me 😭
Laurencaylen13 Laurencaylen13 Mar 12, 2016
OF SUMMER *cracks devilish grin* The possibilities are endless
mcmikey95 mcmikey95 Sep 18, 2016
This is me. Like I talk to myself and tell myself corny jokes and then I hate myself more. I'm ACTUALLY crazy...
LovingGirl_222 LovingGirl_222 Aug 04, 2016
I remember I was heading upstairs and when I was almost on the top I slip and I had to go to the hospital and get a cast on my are and I had a scar on my forehead like were Mikey's scar was only bigger