You're Mine

You're Mine

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First things first let me introduce myself I'm Ava....Ava Johnson. I'm 17. and a senior a Madison high school in San Diego. I stand at 5'3 ,with a Carmel skin tone, naturally curly black hair that stops at the middle of my back. I'm a very shy quiet person with many insecurities, who's never had a boyfriend. Thats probably because I was thicker than most girls, and society says you have to be skinny to have a boyfriend. Anyways I have a six year old sister named Zay short for Zariah. Even though she can get annoying,I love and treat her as if she was my daughter. Since I basically helped raise her. We live with our grandma do to the fact the our dad is over seas defend our country in South Korea, and my mom passed away after giving birth to Zay. Only God knows how much I miss them both. I pray every night that my dad makes it home safe.

"Ava can you run to the store for me sugaah?" Grams yelled from down stairs.

"Okay give me a minute to get myself together."

"Mmmmmhm hurry up child...

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Xyllian_ Xyllian_ Sep 22
Parents need to understand this 😭😭 jus bc they're young doesn't need they're disabled from hurting ur feelings, accident or not 🙄🙄
Jp_0417 Jp_0417 Sep 22
All them 5's need to listen when the 10 is talking us my favorite line in that's song
oklmfao oklmfao Sep 27
ugh atleast she got one friend i go to a new school and i still haven't made any friends smh
keyonna1988 keyonna1988 4 days ago
Alright so I see this storyline gone go from 0 to 100 in less than 2 chapters huh 🤔🤔
It's my favorite. They have the best chocolate during that time that I can buy for myself 😂
U pretty and I'm thick I get many boys running up to me for my number