Little Bitty Kit and the Big Bad Gang Leader.

Little Bitty Kit and the Big Bad Gang Leader.

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"Someone has a little temper." He said, wiping his thumb across his bottom lip.
"You know what? Fuck you." I snarled. 
His dark eyes glowed, and he stalked towards me, his massive body trying to intimidate me.
"I thought you would never ask." He said, and he lunged at me. 

       Enter Kit Stormer. 
Age.                   18 years old. 
Birth.                   Foster Child. (Don't ever question me about it.)
Personality.        Completely frigid. (Nuh huh. I just don't like you." 
Favorite Saying. "I can kick your ass." (Which is true.)
Fact.                   Everyone has secrets. (I will kill to protect mine.)
Opinion.              I hate Dante Livono.

      Enter Dante Livono. 
Age.                     22 years old.
Birth.                    Unknown. (Don't even go there.)
Personality.          Mega Player. (Being a Gang leader is a big deal with the ladies) 
Favorite Saying.  "Come here, Kitty Kitty." (If only she would heel, too.) 
Fact.                     Everyone has secrets.  (.....) 
Opinion.                I hate Kit Stormer.

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Kathryn101Lol Kathryn101Lol Apr 21, 2017
That's like me when crushing on someone but also like that when I don't have sleep but both of them together  don't even ask
DajaDyas DajaDyas Mar 06, 2016
Yeah u don't lik him 
                              You.  LOVE him
wonderland_monster wonderland_monster Jul 26, 2016
I don't feel sorry for you. Yeah she may not be the best mother but you're also kind of acting like a brat
OtakuCharm OtakuCharm Apr 25, 2016
I'm just going to imagine kit as 5'7 because most of the boys on our planet are not even 6'4
enchanted_land enchanted_land Jul 16, 2016
I'm glad she's tall but if her mom who is 5'7 can barely reach her chest we got a problem
CheshireWolf132 CheshireWolf132 Aug 22, 2016
Sad thing is I'm kinda like her except no police records in a way I kinda don't exist. I had to grow up fast when I was only eight years old, and had to watch my dad get buried as well as watch my mom shatter in front of me