The Courage of the Cowardly Soul

The Courage of the Cowardly Soul

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Charles Donahue By ChuckDonahue Updated Jun 24

Jacque, a medic in the trenches of WWI, deserts his platoon and joins a Christian monastery to flee the violence he can no longer endure. There, he deals with problems of good and evil, faith, God, cowardice and heroism. Only by telling his story and coming to terms with it honestly can he resolve these dilemmas. 

Excerpt from chapter 3: "I felt a frightful kinship with that star: one dot as it was among the millions which formed the galactic mosaic. I found too that with every foot I progressed forward, the burdens of my mind became less and less weighty. The fears and guilts and wants, they were still there, but not nearly as ubiquitary."

Second Place Winner in the 2017 Stardust Awards
Second Place Historical Fiction Winner in the Perfect Prose Awards 2017
Highest rank in Historical Fiction as of August 20th 2017: 139

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