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I Love You (Sterek fanfic)

I Love You (Sterek fanfic)

30.9K Reads 1.1K Votes 7 Part Story
Emma Duncan By AnonymousActions Completed

There's a new creature in town. The pack is not advancing in their researches. Oh, and the creature pretty much tortures Stiles every week to get his blood... Yep, I know, everything is messed up. Oh, wait, I forgot! To top it off, Derek has taken a liking to Stiles and he is trying to hide his feelings from him (though everybody else notices)!

All credits for the picture used in the cover go to spooky192 on DeviantArt.
Original picture here:

Derek: is being a decent person and carrying an ill ridden stiles 
                              Erica: YUOo HaVE A CRucSh oN HeIM DoNtt ÿuOo
kairaynii kairaynii Aug 26, 2016
Yo guys this ho's catering our party everyone meet at the Hale house 😎
HallerArgent27 HallerArgent27 Jan 08, 2016
Why couldn't you get the water for him, after all he is your boyfriend jk
animecr animecr Jun 26, 2014
How come they don't ask Deaton? Oh well, I'm loving this story!!(: seriously, sterek is my otp
xxDink6ltrxx xxDink6ltrxx Feb 19, 2014
So the creature is a dhampir, a hybrid of a human and vampire wow. I hope they get rid of it soon. Aww Derek