Let's Dance, Rockstar.

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Queen_Risa By Queen_Risa Updated 3 years ago
Clarissa Melt says whatever's on her mind no matter the consequences. She is rather blunt. Oliver Wynn is a famous singer; not to mention a rumored delinquent. He puts up with nobody. What happens when they meet? Clarissa, being rather blunt, has nothing nice to say to Oliver. Oliver doesn't like it. What happens when they have to work together? Will they end up killing each other? Or will love fly high tonight?  It's a very thin line between love and hate.    *I changed a few things. Don't be confused. The main character's name is Clarissa.*
Too? As in, you go topless around your brothers? Am I the only one who is a little weirded out by this?
She sounds stupid. Can't wait to shoot this girl in the head.
This girl has the right idea... sugar coating tings just confuses the person
haha she's funny. xP actually, all the characters so far are funny. :) clicking next!