I Won't Let You Go (BoyxBoy)

I Won't Let You Go (BoyxBoy)

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Tyler Blackburn is a man on the run. A major stuff up had landed him in a heap load of trouble. With men coming after him, and his money running low, Tyler takes up a job at a ranch.  He expected it to be simple; working for a battle scarred man with a moody pregnant woman, but the challenges to come seem far worse than the life he's running from. 

 And all because of certain blonde that hates his guts for no reason. Jace Arndel. The grouchy, snappish, aggressive tall cowboy with some scars and tales of his own. 

Will Tyler be able to stay away from Jace, or will temptation be his damnation? Especially when dangerous men are on his case?

I feel like this story is going to get me emotional..oh well..onto the next chapter it is then..
It's up so fa,  I think I saw some leaves coming out of his mouth
EmiluMei EmiluMei Apr 11
I'm here taking on my own motherly self like "oh darling, noawww"
The conductor is beckoning as she's pacing the pews in a church corridor
XxLovelyHorizonXx XxLovelyHorizonXx Dec 29, 2015
I love you O(≧∇≦)O I can't stand homophobes ( but I have to live with three of them (╥_╥))
Tally59 Tally59 Dec 11, 2015
I would have broken he arm... Or neck which ever is okay with me