Is This Shoulder Taken? [1st Place Winner Undiscovered Writer's Awards]

Is This Shoulder Taken? [1st Place Winner Undiscovered Writer's Awards]

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D. M. Drake By DawnMDrake Completed

He walked away and out of the restaurant.  He had broken our engagement, and he had broken my heart into a million pieces. I felt hollow, like that Tori Kelly song. How, would I ever find my heart again?

A Novella 

The Carrington Series {Book 1} ~ Kendall Prescott was an art gallery owner looking forward to her wedding to the handsome Mark West, her childhood crush. He breaks their engagement and in the process, her heart. He left without an explanation.

She wasn't expecting to meet the unbelievably handsome, Greyson Carrington. He is a charming, extremely wealthy Billionaire, and self-proclaimed eternal bachelor.  Will their blossoming friendship turn into a love that heals Kendall's heart? Or will she experience heartbreak all over again, when Greyson's high school sweetheart unexpectedly enters his life after a tragedy with a twist? Kendall is in for a bumpy roller coaster ride. Stay tuned to see where it ends!

Cover Credits @DawnMDrake  *Photo ~ Canva

⭐️ 1st Place Winner of a Hazel Undiscovered Writers Award ⭐️ March 2018

🌸 Highest Rankings ~ 10/20/18 🌸     🔥Hot List🔥 #1 New Adult 4/8/19!!!!

#15 -Series 
#2 -Novella
#4 -Clean
#1 -Epilogue 
#1 -Prologue 
#5 -Proposal

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