Giving {H.S Vampire Fanfiction}

Giving {H.S Vampire Fanfiction}

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That's classified... By HersheyKisser Updated Jun 08, 2017

Givers. It's not a job that most would want. Forced to unwillingly give their blood to the superior race of vampires, Givers have the most terrible and dangerous job around the world. 

Summer Thompson's only goal in life was to protect her sister from the dangers of their society and to keep her safe from the blood suckers. However, their is no chance for that when an incident of defiance lands Summer and her sister before the royal court of vampires. They would have been done for had there not been a job opening.

As Summer's sister is imprisoned in the dungeons, Summer has no choice but to go along with fate's plans and become a Giver to an almighty, rather familiar lord. Although she thinks that he is nothing but a cocky, arrogant, egotistical jerk, perhaps they can both find balance and teach each other a few things about destiny...

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dirtysmirkharry dirtysmirkharry Jun 09, 2017
The world has become such a horrible place that vampires wouldn't make a difference.
ylaraalive ylaraalive Jun 08, 2017
No real problems? Well, let me tell you a little story about an orange with blond hair.
-adaptation -adaptation Mar 26, 2016
I like how she told her to Be kind. You don't see much of that nowadays
- - Dec 28, 2015
Umm its your birthday TOMORROW  why are you waking her up TODAY
mellamogerald mellamogerald Jun 23, 2015
Great so I'm never gonna get my drivers license... Thanks vampires... Nvm I am a vampire... So it's all good u puny humans
Erin_Styles05 Erin_Styles05 Apr 09, 2015
I know you went to leave, so c'mon baby be with me so happily. (Lol just the word happily made me think of the song).