A Prophecy (A Legolas Love Story)

A Prophecy (A Legolas Love Story)

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Name: Eliana Rosewood

Age:At least 6000, but looks like shes 20

Race: Linfian Elf

Weapon mastery: -The bow

 -long knives

Family: -Father: King Morian
 -Mother: Queen Eldrid

basic information: Linfian elves areelves that dewl in the forests. They live and breathe by the sun and the moon. They are elves that work together along with nature to help save the forest and the creatures that live there. Linfia is a somewhat of a magical realm in the forest that elves work along with dryads, ents, pixies, leafsprites, and other known creatures. Linfian elvef have their homes in the trees. They sing to the treesto make them grow faster and into any shape thay want. They are strong elves and they should not be underestimated. They look fragile and weak but they are not, they are deadly warriors. The Linfian elves also have a prophet, The prophet's name is Destiny 

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Pusheen5ever Pusheen5ever Jul 25, 2017
I mean today I was eating a scone outside and a bunch of squirrels surrounded me ._.
                              They were probably planning my death tho
A_I_Neptune A_I_Neptune Sep 28, 2017
What is it with kings and queens and thinking locking up their children and keeping them away from human interaction is the solution to their problems?
KuroIchigo2 KuroIchigo2 Apr 27, 2017
That's great and all but does she have a weakness? It makes things more fun when a character has a weakness.
spock303 spock303 Aug 28, 2017
i was outside reading and a 2 rabbits were staring at me they pprobubly wanted to kill me  but ...... life is cool i like things ....
Eilli_Daley Eilli_Daley Sep 17, 2016
Its funny because my name is Eillianna and my middle name is rose
BunniOtomia BunniOtomia Oct 13, 2015
The way you introduce the story was very captivating and I'm sure there was at least on point in the chapter that we all read in a narrating voice