Waiter Boy

Waiter Boy

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alex :) By lostinareverie Updated Jul 23, 2016

"You write pretty bad for a New York Times bestselling author."

"Thanks. Way to encourage me to write more." 

"How about I take you on a little adventure?"

"And what will I get out of it?"

"What love really means."

Aurora Sitters: A seventeen year old New York Times bestselling author. You would expect her to be able to write anything and everything. But she can't. She is absolutely horrendous at writing romance.

Theo Simmons: An ordinary waiter at Waka Diner. Can balance eleven dishes on one tray.

Put these two together, and you've got something unexpected.

Cover by: @textures

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notnush notnush May 13, 2017
I can't even give a proper speech in front of 200 people of my class, here she is giving an interview in front of millions.
c0ca_c0la c0ca_c0la Jul 12, 2017
This plot reminds me of the Bollywood movie meri pyaari bindhu lol
lshambaughx lshambaughx Sep 12, 2016
I would be like no just give me the cookie dough and leave me alone
shimmer_skies shimmer_skies Jun 19, 2016
I'm laughing now but if this was a real book I'd probably read it lol
BitchInProgress BitchInProgress May 22, 2016
Umm... I have ideas for books popping up 24/7, which makes it extremely hard to make one fully
Holly_0013 Holly_0013 Apr 02, 2016
I think this book will be the novel. Not just about her writing one, but the journey she goes on to write it and how she falls in love