The Flower of Scotland (#Wattys2016)

The Flower of Scotland (#Wattys2016)

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"O Flower of Scotland, When will we see Your like again? That fought and died for Your wee bit hill and glen. And stood against them, Proud Edward's army, And sent them homeward tae think again." - O Flower of Scotland by Roy Williamson.
This beautiful hymn to Scotland is sung by millions across the globe.  It tells the tale of the battle for Scottish independence. But what many don't know is the story as to how this beautiful ballad came to be.

Aine O'Brien was on an educational family vacation in Scotland when Fate changed the course of her life.  A 21st century girl thrust back in time to 14 century Scotland, she must uncover her destiny without losing her head.  When Aine runs into danger, she also runs into a Highland Laird that deeply affects her and becomes apart of her struggle to discover her destiny.

In the Highlands of Scotland, Gregory MacRae is a fierce and cold hearted Laird who had forgotten how to love.  In a country on the verge of war, he would not allow anyone to accuse him of having a weakness.  That is until he stumbles upon her.  This beautiful lass was unlike anything he had ever seen and he was determined to know more about her.  But with new dangers lurking, their budding relationship may be short lived.

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co95431 co95431 Feb 17, 2018
To be honest we do enjoy the accents but all of us have a 'twang' most of us depending if it's small town Alabama or more of a city. So you'll get just as much entertainment from us as we'll get from you no doubts
co95431 co95431 Feb 17, 2018
Okay next time I'm gonna finish the paragraph before I speak lol
Erza-Inu-Hyuga Erza-Inu-Hyuga Jun 26, 2017
Some of the Scottish speak is wrong... Just saying, not being rude or anything. But some of the sentences need to be rephrased.
co95431 co95431 Feb 17, 2018
heyyyy find offense to the Alabama thing. I am a Christina O'Quinn of Dalevalle Alabama... It's a super duper small town by a military base... Ya I know alot of us are... A little hard to handle but we're sweet people I promise
rominaavaness rominaavaness Dec 07, 2015
So far good job! The story has captured the readers attention. That's how it should be otherwise an author will lose his/her reader.  In simple words I enjoyed the first chapter already and am looking forward reading the rest. :)
siamo23 siamo23 Oct 17, 2015
I don't know who his wife is but I really feel bad for her... She's just a filler character till now...  #RIP