The Rookie Pirates: Parts 1-6 *Completed*

The Rookie Pirates: Parts 1-6 *Completed*

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Robin Amor By GuiltyFlower Updated Nov 21, 2018

After two years, spent on an island famous for its annual harvest festival, Jessica Red is bored and finds entertainment watching the pirates fighting with the navy from her favourite spot on the rooftop of the local tavern. Whereupon, she saves the life of the infamous rookie pirate, Captain Ruben Kirk. After a few scrapes and bumps to start with, the two become fast friends as they scheme together to heist the arriving merchant carrying a chest full of jewels. 

Little does Jessica know that Ruben Kirk is the first of three rookie pirates she'll meet during her stay on Harvest Island. Dr Jude Hunter, an egoistic physician with a dark past; and Mad Man Levon, a bloodthirsty pirate with a reputation for taking out one of Blackbeard's Pirate Lords.

To Jessica's surprise, they're not all as bad as they're perceived to be and are all unique in their own way, but all teach Jessica that to be a pirate is to be free. That is, free from the clutches of the corrupt government, the United Islands, ruled by the evil tyrant, King Mordred.

Jessica soon learns that the island she has been staying on isn't as innocent as it looks. For it holds a dark secret when it comes to its annual harvest festival, a secret Jessica is about to find herself entwined in the middle of. With the help of her new pirate friends, can peace be restored to the island before it's too late or will it all end in chaos?

There is a much bigger world out there than Jessica could have ever imagined. A world filled with mystery, magic and mayhem. A world waiting to be explored. Her adventure is about to begin. 


This book is written in parts, and each new part is a mini story. 

Part 1: Captain Kirk ✅
Part 2: The Dark Physician ✅
Part 3: The Levon Pirates ✅
Part 4: The Flint Brothers ✅
Part 5: Monster Island ✅
Part 6: Atlantis City ✅

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Finished: 31st

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