90 days to love (COMPLETED)

90 days to love (COMPLETED)

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When every last technology-obsessed human is kidnapped from the Earth what choice do you have as one of the last two but to accept the conditions?  

At the age of 19 years, Lara Hall has seen little of the planet she calls home. When she's called upon to fulfil her 'purpose', unworldly, naïve Lara only has one choice if she's to save her mother and the human race.

In the year 2567, the immortal and robotic 'Leto' have take control of the world and offered Lara a deal; fall in love with the last male, Jared...    

...In 90 days.     

Relunctantly Lara agrees. The only snag in this seemingly perfect deal is that Lara and Jared are complete opposites. She's loving and kind; he cannot love. She's normally polite and friendly; he's cold-hearted and rude. To fall in love Jared must reveal his true nature to Lara and she must accept him for who he is.   

No matter what.    

Would you accept the conditions?    

*Written when I was 14 so I like to think this is not my best work.


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marvelstarkin marvelstarkin Jun 05, 2016
So is that computer in Terminator, so was that robot who started killing Mutants and humans who would produce mutants, so was The Matrix, dude... PEOPLE NEED TO STOP MAKING FUKING HIGHLY INTELLIGENT COMPUTERS
rosegoldess rosegoldess Apr 25, 2016
I can imagine this being the narration at the beginning of a marching show
kkathin kkathin Feb 06, 2016
OMG wow! This has had me hooked from the beginning! Waiting for more
HeloiseSlays HeloiseSlays Jun 02, 2016
How old is this guy now? He was old at the beginning and the story is set twenty years later
music-life-natural music-life-natural Dec 28, 2015
Holy crap he was an old man and he lived another 20 years I wonder how old he is now
music-life-natural music-life-natural Dec 28, 2015
Plus she said that she wrote this when she was 14 so I mean of course It isn't perfect. I absolutely love her story