Olympian Gods, Truth Or Dare?

Olympian Gods, Truth Or Dare?

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Arnie-chan By TheGelatin Updated Nov 23

Truth or Dare?

Join the Greek Olympian gods as they take part in a really hilarious game of truth or dare!

Also available in Fanfiction.net
link: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/11898931/1/Olympian-Gods-Truth-or-Dare

I'm sure the book is all about how awesome Apollo is. Or some of his awful poems.
I hate to agree with Artemis,but it's true bro.(For those of you who don't know, I am a child of Zeus)
palleroporo palleroporo Jul 18
God that Athene and Wattpad almost made me scream (its um.. *watches a clock* like 12 at night) Love this
Dad...don't you ever say anything bad about Wattpad. Unless you want me to go live in the Underworld with Uncle Hades and Nico for a year.
Are you guys sure it isn't a book? I just looked it up, and it is a book.