Forever Promises.[Under Major Revision]

Forever Promises.[Under Major Revision]

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Jenia. By Fade_Away Completed

School is supposed be safe, to keep their students safe. What do you do when  it becomes a place you're afraid of?  A place filled with nothing but hate? 

For Madeline Young, school was  her safety, her escape from her secret troubled home life. A life that only one person was aware of, her best friend. Till the one person she trusted most did something she wanted to forget. Worst part of all? He turned everyone against her. 

Soon it was filled with nothing but hate, taunting for her.  Just when she's ready to give up, a new boy Carson O'Neil shows up and comes to her rescue.  He's the only one who doesn't listen to the rumors, who stands by her side. 

The two of them form instant bond, that soon turns to love. 

But Carson has a secret of his own, a secret he tried so hard to keep hidden,

FrazierWallaceLynch FrazierWallaceLynch Apr 04, 2016
Thank you, New Guy. Sorry I forgot the name if it was mentioned in the info. :.
kirch_123 kirch_123 Jun 23, 2016
Great start, I'm loving the past about  her and the Carsom seems good for her. You writing style is also lovely :) great job
sarah__246 sarah__246 Mar 10, 2016
omg i started playing Alive by Sia....the chorus goes so well when they meet <3333333
cutekayla28793 cutekayla28793 May 27, 2016
This is on my summer reading list!! But I remember reading it in  6th grade
nixxhemmings nixxhemmings Mar 13, 2016
He's like a knight and shining armor. Love you new guy♡♡♡♡
MrPinecone MrPinecone Feb 13, 2016
Hmmm I'm not sure how this relationship between us will work out.....