Pheng Laogumnerd's Family Vacation Ideas

Pheng Laogumnerd's Family Vacation Ideas

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Pheng Laogumnerd By phenglaogumnerd Updated Jun 14, 2017

Pheng Laogumnerd here, the founder of Pheng Laogumnerd Travel agency. So you want to know more about the travel industry and hope for some useful pieces of advice? Well you've come to the right place.

One of the questions I face constantly is how to best to plan a holiday for those travelling as a family. It can be difficult structuring a break away when your children have other ideas. They either wish to be constantly entertained when you just want to relax or you intend to see all the beautiful, culturally rich sites of your destination when they just want to laze around the pool. Unfortunately, there never seems to be a happy medium...unless you come to Pheng Laogumnerd Travel. Drawing up the itinerary for a fun family holiday doesn't have to be stressful. For some possible ideas for how you could spend your summer look no further than this article.

Water based holidays. Now, before you dismiss this idea, hear it out. I don't mean tacky water parks wherein you have the constant screaming of playful children while you frantically try to find your own brood among the masses. No, in the world of Pheng Laogumnerd holidays, I mean a boating holiday. The option to take a boat for a week - complete with your very own crew - and travelling between different, beautiful islands is a wonderful idea for all the family. Not only does it allow you to see the sites that much better, but it also mixes fun with relaxation as they can play on the attached slide while you lounge in the sun on the upper deck. Now who wouldn't be thrilled by that?

A lot of people avoid big, bustling resorts because they believe them to be too crowded and expensive for what they have to offer. However, by using a guide from Pheng Laogumnerd Travel, you won't find any of them here. Instead, these resorts can be a great destination for avid travellers because a lot of them cater to children with cinemas, kids' nights and sporting events.

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