Broken Bride ✔ {EDITING}

Broken Bride ✔ {EDITING}

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Colton Bertenelli believes every women is a gold digger, liar, cheater, and will leave you at the end, all alone and broken. 

Just like his mother did when she left his dad and him before he even got to learn the word 'mom'. And just like his Ex fiance.
 A young man with abandonment  and other issues, he has no affection of love in his heart. He is a strong, young, sophisticated, smart, sexy, business man, who  has no room for any women in his life.
  Serene Fiorentino, beautiful young lady, that is sassy, bubbly, and full of life and loved by everyone. She has a one dream and that is to get married to the love of her life, Colton Bertenelli. 
  But the chances to her dream are slim. 

 But once her dreams are fulfilled, everything is a nightmare that she plans to wake up from and make this marriage as beautiful as she dreamt of;  with one goal to make Colton Bertenelli fall in love with her.

But does she succeed?

Triggering moments
June 14, 2017 - Feb 24, 2018

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